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Kullion Wealth Coin ($KWC)

Kullion Wealth Coins Guide: All you need to know about KWC

What does the Kullion Wealth coin mean? Or better yet, should I invest in KWC in the first place? Kullion Wealth coin is a native cryptocurrency in the Kullion exchange and has the symbol KWC. What’s more, these coins have a limited supply of only 200 million. In this article, therefore, we will look at Kullion Wealth Coins, KWC, and all you need to know. So, strap in, and let’s get started. 

Kullion Wealth Coins Overview

KWC tokens are based on the Binance Smart Chain to ensure the Kullion exchange has the lowest transaction fees. That makes it easy for crypto traders to engage with this cryptocurrency exchange without worrying about fees. 

Through the ICO, more than half of Kullion Wealth coins are set to be distributed to the public. Investors have the chance to purchase these coins during the ICO since there are no restrictions. 

Before that, the Kullion exchange will issue 40 million KWC tokens to investors subject to a 4-year lock-in period. Another 30 million coins will also be distributed to angel investors and consultants with a lock-in period of 2 years. 

However, it would help if you remembered that the issuance of this coin is set on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, since KWC is a BEP-20 token, you can also receive commensurate amounts of KWC if you dispatch BNB to the stipulated address.

KWC and Kullion exchange are both focused on health goals. As such, the last 20 million tokens will be used to reward users who reach their health goals. Every burned calorie contributes towards earning rewards on Kullion exchange. 

Aside from that, KWC is the native token on the Kullion exchange. That said, this coin’s price is expected to go bullish with the increased adoption of the Kullion exchange. 

Uses and Support of Kullion Wealth Coins

Kullion exchange will revolutionize the whole health fitness world by providing users with something to look forward to. This platform is one-of-a-kind in a unique field hence setting the KWC token apart from the rest. Basically, the KWC token is a utility token that gives users exclusive access to membership benefits, including discounts, transactional, and marketplace rewards. What’s more, the application of this token allows users to utilize this coin not only on the Kullion exchange but also in the entire marketplace. 

Kullion Wealth Coins will be widely adopted in the health and fitness industry, with the primary audience being people who understand the importance of fitness and maintaining a healthy life. Additionally, any crypto investors can get this unique opportunity to purchase this coin to reap profits from its soon-to-be bullish trend. This coin will be a sensation in the market with its unique perspective on fitness and health.

Application of KWC tokens

Kullion Wealth Coin, like most developing cryptocurrencies, has several uses and applications outside the Kullion exchange and benefits. These applications of KWC tokens include:

You can trade KWC tokens for other cryptos, and it’s not limited to exchanges within its platform. That makes it easy to exchange KWC tokens for other KWC tokens or cryptos in general. 

The coin is compatible with any crypto wallets that can hold Binance coins since the token is made on the BSC platform. Therefore, you’re not limited to only trading on the Kullion exchange with your KWC tokens. 

When you own KWC tokens, you are entitled to a discounted fee on the transactions carried out within the Kullion exchange. This opportunity is reserved for KWC token holders within the platform. What’s more, anyone can purchase KWC tokens to get the chance to enjoy these benefits of the platform. 

Users will also get the chance to book flights, hotels, and vacation packages using the KWC tokens. In the process, you’ll increase your saving benefits and options by simply accruing KWC tokens on the platform using different means. 

Owning KWC tokens exposes you to investment opportunities with the Kullion exchange. As a trader, you can stake your coins on the platform or simply trade them with other cryptos. What’s more, the staking of cryptocurrencies is not limited to KWC alone. On the contrary, the Kullion exchange will allow investors to stake other cryptos as long as they run on the PoS algorithm. (For more information, check out our blog on ‘how to stake cryptocurrencies in 2022)

There’s practically an endless list of entertainment avenues that accept payment through the KWC token. From movies, outdoor sports centers, gifting of friends and family, and so many more. This token makes it possible for you to enjoy your entertainment without necessarily having to exchange your token for another crypto or fiat currency. That’s quite convenient, especially since transaction and conversion rates of cryptos could sometimes expose you to hefty fees and fines. 

KWC tokens considering their value and the mission of the Kullion exchange, can be used as collateral for loans. Additionally, some apps allow users to split their bills with friends and relatives using KWC tokens. This token ensures you can take advantage of the best deals in the marketplace. 

Should I invest in KWC tokens? 

Without a doubt, the crypto marketplace has tremendous benefits. We expect the future web3 will incorporate cryptocurrencies as the native payment currency for the future. And as of right, several traders are enjoying high-profit levels by investing in the right cryptos in the market. 

Kullion Wealth Coin is on the verge of launching and will likely be the future coin, and it’s expected to blow up in 2022. This coin brings a whole new perspective into the marketplace, merging cryptos and the health and fitness industry, where people get rewarded for staying healthy. Therefore, we expect nothing but greatness from KWC and Kullion exchange. 

The Kullion exchange also ensures crypto traders can now swap, buy, and sell their cryptos on a platform that has a good reputation for providing nothing but the best service to its customers. Truly, KWC has one the best exchanges in the game. 

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