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KWC(Kullion Wealth Coin) is ‘the universal Fitness Currency’ and utility token of Kullion Exchange. KWC is designed primarily to incentivize and promote healthy lifestyle by rewarding healthy behavior. 


Noteworthily, achieving fitness goals is not the only way in which KWC  can be earned. Others keen to be a part of the Kullion ecosystem can easily buy and hold Kullion WealthCoins for profit-making, in exactly the same manner as they would in the case of any other cryptocurrency.




Like most crypto assets, KWC is a store of value; hence, it can be used for:


[ 1 ] Payment Processing: Merchants and customers using Kullion Exchange will be privy to multiple modes of payment, thus giving them significantly more flexibility on this front.


[ 2 ] Discounted Trading Fees: Save up to 25% trading fees on Kullion Exchange when you hold KWC


[ 3 ] Zero withdrawal fees: Send and receive KWC payments at no cost on Kullion Exchange.


[ 4 ] Healthy Lifestyle Reward: KWC holders are eligible to earn rewards when they participate in the fitness and health challenges tailored to promote healthy lifestyles 


[ 5 ] Staking Rewards: By subscribing to our Kullion Earn Programs, you may be eligible to earn KWC together with up to 50% APY


[ 6 ] AirDrop Rewards: KWC holders will be top priority and be preferentially selected for airdrops 


[ 7 ] Travel: Users can book flights, hotels, and vacation packages, using the KWC they have amassed as the mode of payment on our accredited platforms. In the process, they will enjoy significant, comparative savings.


[ 8 ] Entertainment: There are practically limitless possibilities to the entertainment avenues that can be paid for using KWCs. Going to the movies, having a fun experience outdoors or at home, gifting friends or family, and possibly even heading out to space, the prospects are simply infinite!